Se trata de un tema con su nuevo cantante, Diego Valdez.

Por Rockberto.

Lords of Black han difundido un tema grabado en un ensayo con su nuevo cantante Diego Valdez.

Se trata de una pieza acústica titulada «Insane» que demuestra las excelentes aptitudes del nuevo frontman de la banda.

Os dejamos con el tema. 

Lords Of Black – "Insane" 2019 Acoustic Version feat. Diego Valdez

As recently announced, Diego Valdez (Dream Child) is the new lead vocalist for Spain's Lords Of Black and to give you an idea of what he'll sound like with the band, Tony Hernando has released this demo track of Diego performing an acoustic version of "Insane" with him. Enjoy! "In response to the overwhelmingly warm welcome to Diego Valdez and your endless support for Lords Of Black, I thought it would be cool sharing this with you. It's one of the songs I asked every singer to perform at the auditions, since not only is it a very special song for me, but in an acoustic setting, it really tells me pretty much all I need to know from a singer. This is a bootleg recording captured right in my rehearsal room, but it really shows how Diego makes this song totally HIS. Hope you like it!" – Tony

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