«A band feeds on energy you guys give that’s the energy that we need to do a show.»

Interview by Hombre Rancio

Hello Tokyo Blade, your are coming to Spain next September, what are your expectactions about it?

Hello to you my friend and all of our Spanish fans. Well we all love Spain very much and the Spanish fans so as you can imagine we are looking forward to playing for our Spanish friends again. We love playing Spain and we hope that next year we will do more shows for you.

You will play in Madrid (Sala Caracol), 10th, and Barcelona (Sala Monasterio), the 11th. And the 12th in France, is a little bit like a speed race, ins’t it?

Yes it’s going to be pretty hectic travelling for the three shows and we have a lot of travel to do but then Tokyo Blade are certainly used to travelling ha ha. We don’t mind at all about the distance I think it helps to keep our adrenaline levels up,(laughs again) as our older fans will remember Tokyo Blade has played just about every city in Europe in the 80s but of course we aren’t in our 20s anymore so we just need a bit more sleep than in those days ha ha!

Is your setlist gonna be based on the Tokyo Blade classics?

Yes the set list is mainly the classic stuff with a couple of surprises but fans can expect the typical Tokyo Blade heads down metal. Of course all of the classic numbers will be in the set and we are sure the fans will all go home happy.

What is your opinion about the Spanish metalheads?

Laughs, we love them, it’s the reason that Tokyo Blade keeps going, A band feeds on energy you guys give that’s the energy that we need to do a show. Spanish fans in particular always go out to have a great night that means we have a great night so everyone wins . . . We can’t wait.

Your songs are especial but in a live show you give an extra, where do you find that energy?

As I say a lot of our energy comes from the energy that the fans put out. Spanish friends in particular put out a lot of energy and Tokyo Blade feed on that. Metal music is all about high energy if we stood around like dummies we wouldn’t get the energy from the fans and they may as well be watching «one direction» or some other piece of shit pop band (laughs)

If you put that many crazy people together in one building is going to equal a lot of energy E=Mc2 as the great Albert Einstein calculated. 

You are a legendary band, from the far 80’s, but people still thinks it is worth to see you in a live show. That means something, doesn’t it?

Of course it does! This is the only reason that Tokyo Blade is still alive and kicking. Heavy metal music has always relied on 100% dedicated loyal fans. We don’t have the support of the media in general, they are only interest is in the shit they pedal. Such as crap boy bands that will be forgotten about within five years. Say what you want about heavy metal but the fans are the most loyal, diehard people that any band could wish for.

Do you know that Madrid and Barcelona are kind or rival cities? I mean, people in Barcelona will be very aware what you play and how long you play the day before, and Madrid’s will be aware what you do in Barcelona. Are you conscious of the laberynth you are entering hahaha?

Laughs, yes we have played Madrid and Barcelona many times before and we are aware of the rivalry between the two cities. From our point of view we always try to give our fans the very best show that we can, we want all of our Spanish fans to go home happy and we will give both shows as much energy as we can manage.

What do you prefer to drink during a live show, Redbull, beer, water…?

Generally Beer of course ha ha! Our drummer Steve prefers water as he needs to keep hydrated as he does the hardest job in the band. We are all big fans of Spanish beer so we’re going to try and sample as much as we can before we go home ha ha.

This year Chris Gillen is back home and that is always a great news for Tokyo Blade and the fans, what do you think?

Yes we are all incredibly happy about that of course the fans will always debate who has been the best singer in Tokyo Blade. Alan Marsh, Vic Wright, Nic Ruhnow or Chris. In my opinion Alan Marsh was and still is a good friend and a great singer but those days are gone and now we have Chris who is a different kind of singer than Alan. For heavy metal Chris Gillen is the best singer in the world in my opinion and the opinion of many of our fans. Having Chris back in the band is like seeing your long lost brother after 20 years. Chris is at home in Tokyo Blade, he was meant to be in Tokyo Blade it was destiny, he is a fantastic singer and a dear brother.

And last, but not least, what is your favorite meal whenever you come to Spain? May be a Spanish omelette, ham…?

Personally Spanish omelette for Mr Boulton, our drummer Steve loves trying out different local foods. Being American Chris loves his burgers ha ha John and Andy generally go with the flow!

We wish you a big success in Spain and around, enjoy it and make the people enjoy. Thanks, Tokyo Balde, if you wish to add something…

Thank you very much for the interview we are very much looking forward to the shows and playing for our Spanish fans once again. The band, our world wide agent Ludy and the Spanish promoter Robert have put a lot of hard work into making the shows happen and our only wish is that everyone has a great time and gets home happy and safe on behalf of Tokyo Blade we love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!

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