«Me and the guys love it ! Were lifers man ! This is what we do and who we are!
it’s 100% real ! Our fans know it and new ones can feel and see it !! Were living the dream ! Now and then its a nightmare but I’ll take the good with the bad!»

First of all, Id like to say that it is a real pleasure for us to be able to do this interview, welcome.

Geoff Thorpe: Thank you so much! the honor is all mine!

You have been more than thirty years making Heavy Metal, you need to love this music so much to keep on composing and being on the road all these years.

Geoff Thorpe: Yeah Me and the guys love it! Were lifers man! This is what we do and who we are!
it’s 100% real! Our fans know it and new ones can feel and see it!! Were living the dream! Now and then its a nightmare but I’ll take the good with the bad!

How do you remember your early days with such good CDs as Soldier of the Night or Digital dictator?

Geoff Thorpe:  I have great memories of those times we were young and wild!!! Now were old and wild!! Everything has changed so much since then . I’m very proud to have such a great long run!!

I personally miss those wonderful 80s, when we waited impatiently our favourite bands new cds release, when we queued at the stores to get the vinyl I dont know what do you think about the current moment the music is living, it has changed a lot since Internet is among us.

Geoff Thorpe: Yes, It’s good and bad but it’s the way it is! We live in a exciting time !Glad to see vinyl coming back strong. We love the action!

The band has suffered a lot of changes through the years, but now it seems that you have stable members.

Geoff Thorpe: We have a deep history for sure ! a big family of players ! Hey after 33 years People and things change. It’s how you react to it that keeps you strong or fail. We have  3 albums in 3 years ! Were on a great roll and moving forward!!

In a few days your new album Electric Punishment will be released, I imagine that you are thrilled and excited about the reception it will have among your fans.

Geoff Thorpe: I am ! so far the press has been outstanding!! Most are saying they like it better than 2011’s Razorback Killers and they loved that one ! It was a lot of pressure to follow that up so it feels good!

Wed like to know if this brand new CD will follow the same pattern as your last Razorback Killers, would it be harder? What can you tell us?

Geoff Thorpe: Electric Punishment is its own album! It’s not Razorback 2, We grew as players and song writers. I think its one of my best albums ! It sounds so HUGE!!! We did classics, Speed metal, anthems, a Kiss cover,  a ballad. This Cd has it all and takes you for a ride!!

The album will be released on the 29th of April in Europe and at the same time more or less you will start the tour on the 3rd of May in our country. Is there any reason why you chose Spain for your first concerts?

Geoff Thorpe: We always love touring in Spain! Great friends and fans ! Spain picked us this time! We were invited to play The Pounding Metal fest in Madrid on May 4 and it took off from there! We will play 24 gigs in May, 12 shows in July/Aug  25 shows in the US in Sept/Oct.
Its gonna be a great year of touring!!

Wed like to know if you like Spain and if you have some good memories of your earlier visits to your country.

Geoff Thorpe: Oh God yes!! We have dear friends there. So many great shows and fun times! We love the Spainiacs!! The food, wine, women are fuckin beautiful! Its gonna be a great start to the tour!!

Can you tell us something about the setlist youll be playing on the tour? As you start it a few days after Electric Punishment’s release, it is probable that your fans dont know the new songs.

Geoff Thorpe: Its a all new show! Bad ass songs from the last 3 albums with a few classics! The set is full of power and fire!! I can’t wait to get started.

Tell your Spanish fans why they cant miss your concerts in Oviedo, Madrid and Barcelona?

Geoff Thorpe: VR is one of the last of our kind!! Don’t miss this chance to get up close and personal with your metal masters!!! If you love this kind of music get out and support it now before its all gone!!

I am looking forward to listening to the new album and I wish you so much luck in your tour, thanks for sharing your time with Dioses del Metal Webzine.

Geoff Thorpe: Play it loud my friend!! Please let me know if  you liked it!! See ya on tour!!
Rock on Geoff


Written by: Crom

Traducción: Gabriel Ivorra (http://givorra.com)


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