“So you play in cities such as Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, São Paulo that the cradles of Brazilian metal are considered, first his band has to get a lot of respect and public, and we are striving to make this happen not only in Brazil as well as worldwide”

Interview by Vpower


Hateful Warfare is a young band from Brazil, althogh the members have some previous experience already, with great motivation and eager to go ahead, they have just released and EP that sounds very strong, classic and modern and the same time. We chat a little with them to know more details about their work and profile.

Hello guys, tell us a little the story behind Hateful Warfare, a band from Brazil, I think some of you come from other bands…

Yes, we all come from other projects, but what is putting us on stage is the Hateful Warfare, the band began earlier this year, we played already together in a thrash-metal eighties, the band broke up and decided to follow the three braving the world of Thrash / Death Metal, I believe Hateful Warfare was the only project in which everyone is following the same thought and this is being really cool.

That’s important. Hateful Warfare was formed this year and you have en EP with seven songs already. ¿You are working hard, it seems?.

The songs were composed in a short period, we were very excited with the result that was leaving in each composition, but is not the point we want to reach, we are studying hard to bring something better and worked in the second material, I believe will give a best face for the band.

I like your attitude, yeah. I have no clear if you are a three in the band or four, ¿can you make the presentation?.

The members are Andrei (Bass and Vocals), Norbah (guitar) and Denis (drums) noting that the Norbah is the father of Andrei, Denis is a great friend think that’s why the chemistry of the band is tight.

¿How would you define the Metal you practice?.

Thrash/Death Metal with influences from Heavy Metal Doom and Extreme Metal.

¿What bands have influenced your sound?.

Legendary bands of the world as metal, Destruction, Slayer, Metallica, Sodom, Kreator, Vader, Morbid Angel, Death, Misfitis, Terrorizer, Grave, Korzus, Dark Angel, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden.

A wide and glory range… How do you see the Metal scene in Brasil and how does your music fit there?.

We have a long way to go, we were surprised with the result of the Ep, but there are a lot of territory to conquer, perhaps with the maturing of the band can give us more opportunities to enter the Brazilian Underground.

If you have released six songs in half a year, ¿can we expect a whole new album for 2016?.

Yes of course, the compositions are already underway, and as I said earlier we are studying hard to bring something more serious and more techniques and quality, our proposal will remain the same as the first but with more musical maturity.

It will be a pleasure to review it when the moment comes. ¿Are you touring around?.

Are being very positive for the band, did not get a show with audience so large, but all are praising the live sound, we move all that are in place causing it to interact with the band and fall into the same adrenaline.

There are many bands now playing the revival thing, but your sound is more like a combination between old and new stuff, what do you think?.

I believe that this will in our day-to-day, three of us have an open mind to any aspect of Metal, listen to the oldschool as new bands, we believe that what was done in the 80s is very good, but get stuck past ideas will not add much in your sound, there are great bands that are coming up now but that oldschool metal tax did not open his head to listen to them and see what really is a beautiful material.

Brazil is a big country, when you think about it as a market, and promotion, you have to concentrate on a region or area or it’s possible to reach the whole country?.

No, there are several issues that end up messing up to make it happen, get you to get but it’s a lengthy process, so you play in cities such as Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, São Paulo that the cradles of Brazilian metal are considered, first his band has to get a lot of respect and public, and we are striving to make this happen not only in Brazil as well as worldwide.

The same hell as everywhere, I suppose. If you could travel in time to some big festival from the past, ¿which one you would choose?.

I think the Monsters Of Rock 1991 in Moscow, a heavy weather but seeing the festival of videos of a willingness to be there in the middle of that crazy (laughs).

Sure, it was a great festival, with a magic atmosphere, as if everything could be possible. When you were young, well, I think you still are, but as teenager or younger let’s say, you had posters of Metal heroes on the walls or you spent the time with other things. ¿How did you enter the Metal thing?.

Norbah lived metal epoch-80s to the present day, used to have his room surrounded by posters and adiquiria a vinyl every week lived nostalgia opening the vinyl liner notes and see the picture of the band to meet the look of members, already Andrei joined by the influence of Norbah his father sharing bands, playing instruments together, going to concerts of his father’s band, Denis at a young age already interested in playing drums, and metal bands that gave him the beating that failed to open his mouth and willing to learn.

Right, good curriculum. Brazilian economy is turning from good to bad, it seems, ¿how can that affect you as a band and as citizens?.

We cannot sustain us only with the band, all worked in companies and this is very annoying (laughs) in question as a citizen is getting worse to breathe and live quietly, the crisis hit general, a lot of debt and little money, as band influences more investment in better equipment, cd production, agent does not think much of it because if we stay all the time with these things in mind we would have given up playing.

The cover art of your Ep is diffenrent to the usual one for this kind of music. How did you get it and what did you want to transmit with it?.

The art of Ep was produced by Douglas Rezende, was the first work it to a band when we sent the idea to him, he captured exactly what the band had the idea of the cover has a simple story that we were imprisoned and tortured by Christians in a fanatical act by their religions and because the band judging religions directly in some songs, such as Slaves Of Christ.

Congratulations for it, it’s very cool. Thank you for your attention and sincerity, I wish you the best luck!.

We want to thank the opportunity and the space to talk about the band’s projects, clarify ideas and vent too (laughs) Thank you and great job!

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