«This style of guitar (Shred) is not old fashioned unless you play music that is old fashioned and use this guitar style with it.»

Written By Crom

It´s a great pleasure to talk with one of my main guitar players, welcome to Metal Gods magazine. 

MAB: Thank you. I’m glad to do the interview. 

Your last studio album was «Intermezzo» in 2013, ¿why a compilation like «Shred Force 1» now?

MAB: Rat Pak Records and I discussed this. I have released 11 solo records over the years. We both felt it was time to do this. I’m extremely happy with the album and feel that if someone isn’t familiar with my music, this is a great place to start. There are also over 20 guest artists on the album. Names like George Lynch, Michael Wilton, Mark Tremonti, Chris Poland, Todd LaTorre, Rudy Sarzo, Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis and more! 

I think the most remarkable novelty in this album is the song called «Burn», instrumental in its origin, but in this album sang by Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche). 

MAB: Thanks. It was a great group of players with Bobby Rock on Drums, Mark Tremonti playing the 1st solo and I played during what is the keyboard solo on the original version. I thought Todd sang fantastic on this version as well.  

Is there more unpublished material on the album?

MAB: There is a song on the album called «Diamond» that is a tribute to Pantera Guitar great Dimebag. Elliott Dean Rubinson, CEO and owner of Dean Guitars plays Bass on the song and Michael Wilton plays on one of the solo sections as well. It’s my tribute to a friend and one of the greatest Metal Guitarists ever!  

This album is a good oportunity to listen some of you solo successful songs, with the collaboration of great and very known musicians and singers, are you OK?

MAB: Yes, I believe that. I have so many great, famous artists on this album features on some of my best music. The album Rocks from the beginning to the last song – which is my tribute to Randy Rhoads! 

In my opinion, I think that you Dimebag Darrell and Randy Rhoads tributes with songs like «Diamond» and «RRR» are very emotional, which is your opinion about this?

MAB: They are very emotional for me. I knew Dime and I met Randy Rhoads in Chicago at one of his very last concerts. I tried to pay respect to 2 great artists and make my own versions of their music. 

You are one of the few that still play Shred, with Yngwie Malmsteen and Impelliteri, among others¿do you think this style is old fashioned?

MAB: Young Metal bands have consistently great guitar and players that «Shred.» I don’t sound anything like Yngwie. The style people term as «Shred» is alive and well. Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley, Dave Reffett, John Petrucci all «Shred.» I could name a lot more players that are in this genre as well. This style of guitar is not old fashioned unless you play music that is old fashioned and use this guitar style with it. 

Your career starts at mid of 80´s decade, this time was very interesting for great guitar players and instrumental albums. Other great musicians (in addition to Malmsteen, Impelliteri and, of course, you) like Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert, Chastain and others recorded great albums. I enjoyed very much theese albums. Do you miss those years?

MAB: it was a great time for music and the electric guitar. I lived in Los Angeles during the time and for many years after. It was the perfect place at the perfect time to do what I was doing in music. Do I love that era? Yes. Do I miss it? No. I love this time of my life and career as well. 

The image I have of you is always with your double neck guitar, I think you are first to use it and the only one guitar player ambidextrous that I know. What do you think about this?

MAB: I invented the Double-Guitar and was the 1st person ever to play left and right handed at the same time. I am ambidextrous and I enjoy playing the Double-Guitar in concert. The Double-Guitar is my world wide trademark. I like that you and other people can think of me and have an image of me. It’s my identity. 

¿Have you got any plan to record new material in the future?

MAB: Yes. I already have songs written for a new album. It will most likely be released in 2016. 

Many people know that you formed in bands like Holland and Nitro, where I listened to you first time with great album«O.F.R.», ¿would you like to be part of a band again?

MAB: I tour in several ways. Solo concerts with multi media video screens, my own instrumental band, guitar clinics and my own vocal band. I prefer at this time to be the leader of the bands I am involved with. Would I join another band, an established band? Yes, it everything was right, but at this time, I am very happy with the amount of shows I get per year and the great response I get. I’ve toured in 58 countries and always perform 100 to 120 shows around the world.  

¿Which are your short term plans¿Have you got plan for presenting on stage «Shred Force 1»In case of yes¿will you take a live singer?

MAB: I will tour this entire year in support of «Shred Force 1.» At this time I have used 2 concert configurations. I just finished an 11 country, 26 city tour of Europe using a vocalist with the band and I am currently doing my solo concert shows with video screens. I get to perform several songs from the new album with each band. 

Here we miss you, when can we see in Spain?

MAB: I love Spain and have been there many times in the past. I hope concerts in Spain are part of my tour schedule when I go back to Europe after this year. 

I would like you dedicate some words for our readersyou have great spanish fans, and I would like you say goodbye on your way. For me  have been a great pleasure to talk with you.

MAB: I would like to thank everyone in Spain for the tremendous support I have received over the years. Spain is a great country and I can’t wait to come back and Rock with you again! 

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