“We hope to visit Spain soon!”

By ElyAngelOfDeath

With pleasure, we find Heavenwood in Dioses del Metal, after a year of really hard work. First of all, thank you for sharing with us some of your time.

Well, let’s begin…

Interview by Ricardo Dias .

– Why did you decide to re-release your album Redemption?

Well, our third album «Redemption» was previously released by a portuguese label back in 2008. Although all the efforts to expose and distribute it worldwide we noticed that this great album didn’t achieve the market and the people we were looking for. I think even in 2016 » Redemption » sounds fresh and Full Of extras that turn it a great album too, for example the amazing Mix and Master by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR and Gus G from OZZY OSBOURNE / Firewind. The fact that Heavenwood returned to MASSACRE RECORDS, and also the label interest, made this re-release possible. I believe justice will be done for this record!

– Why did you choose to use such mystical themes for your new work, The Tarot Of The Bohemians-Part I?

We can talk about everything depending the amusement, emotion, words and adjectives we choose for it. This themes are more introspective, they talk about everything for all those who understand it and they will talk about nothing for thoses ones unprepared, uninterested or even » switched-off » from the Occult. Papus was more than a Occultist, he was a great Doctor and a greater Humanist.

– As mentioned above, this new record has been called Part I, does it mean there will be more parts?

Yes, the next release will be Part 2 starting with the » Death » Tarot Card under the guidance, Wisdom and interpretation from Papus in his book » The Tarot Of The Bohemians «.

– Why did you decide to make so many collaborations with other musicians for this CD? What sound were you looking for?

Experiences, mostly to humanize it the best Way possible. To identify also everyone with what is written and played. Destiny is a very powerfull theme which sometimes we think that we can control but most of the times we can’t. We can always look for a perspective of it, choosing the best way to achieve it in consciousness, other times with just a feeling. In the end that’s what music is: The relation between Logic and Emotion.

– Was it a lengthy process, recording The Tarot Of The Bohemians? Any anedotes?

Yes, we took more than one year to compose, structure and pre-produce it, then another year at the Raising Legends Studio to record it the most organical possible. The artwork Process took some time too and episodes..well we felt and lived some strange Poltergeist incidents!! 

– Which musical references have influenced this work?

Mostly on the classic and soundtrack music such as Prokofiev, Wagner or Hans Zimmer I think Heavenwood have its own personality and that reference help us to explore new universes without loosing our main essence.

– Are you happy with the final result?


– Where have you decided to do the presentation of this new production?

With 2 wonderful and sold out shows in Porto and Lisbon.

– How is the tour presenting?

Regarding we have 5 albums our set-list is long and most of the times Hard to Set. For example regarding Fests we always feel that our Show is incomplete.

– By proximity, are you planning to visit Spain?

We have some offers, lets see!! We played some years ago at REVOLTALLO FEST in Vigo,we were Booked to play some years ago with Kamelot and Leaves Eyes in Barcelona but The show was canceled. We hope to visit Spain soon!

We have reached the end of the interview; it has been a great pleasure. Thanks again for dedicating us a few minutes. Finally, if you want to add something, this is the moment. Thank you.

I invite everyone to listen » The Tarot Of The Bohemians Part I » or even discover our previous Records! Gracias!

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