“The headless horseman pays tribute to the great timeless Metal”

Review written by Butch

Paying tribute to your past, your legacy, must always be respected and honored. In the Anglosaxon and American cultures, the myth of the Headless Horseman, linked to the darkest New England tales of burning witches, closed windowpanes, religious zealousy and the like , has shed new and brighter light on their literature and art for decades. This rider chases sad  Ichabod Crane tirelessly, and the poor souled victim has made an effect on the American folk tales for good, so much so that he now serves as brand name for a US metal combo from Michigan. And we can rest assured these guys know their tales of trick o treat, since three of them come from nowhere else but the cult band HALLOWEEN ( George Neal, Rob Brug, y Rick Craig). Stemming from this long time friends there arose Ichabod Krane in 2013, releasing DAY OF RECKONING. One more addition to the horror storyline from a band who well knows its History… We might add some Tim Burton and there we go… although even better a GEORGE ROMERO  and let the blood bag explode… .

And talking about honoring the past, this BEYOND ETERNITY, a highly recommended heavy metal effort, is a pure love song to all things heavy metal. Themselves adoring JUDAS PRIEST in their public profiles, you will also enjoy hints of DIO, but also Queensryche, Fifth Angel, Riot, Virgin Steele and a long etc into epic metal. This is  OLD SCHOOL made in 2016, tipping their hats off to DOWNING & TIPTON, RONNIE JAMES DIO, GEOFF TATE & CHRIS DeGARMO, etc…

Take a look at the cover image. Sorcerer with a cristal ball, a demonic creature… these guys do not cheat about their purpose. And that is a big A+ for ICHABOD KRANE. They do love their Judas, their American metal ( Despite the Priests faring from well afar in the Isles). And if you do too ( otherwise stop reading now…), as well as loving old school producing methods and sounds, you will reach a heavenly place. Because this sounds like old NWBHM stuff at times. There is no prog, or power, or any other stuff other than HEAVY METAL. A sheer guitar solo driven slap in your face when you are about to go kill some orcs.  Picture Halford screaming now… because Mr. Jeff Schlinz showcases a voice to die for.

Produced by Pure Steel Records, BEYOND ETERNITY will see the light of day in October ( pre order now in their website) . The Great Lakes band has enroled  Lisa Hurt at the keyboards, searching for depth in the sounds. And what they achieve is a blast of pure American Metal, like the massive title track, Beyond Eternity, where she and her keyboard deliver layers and layers of sound into a somehow pure old school stuff. A very heavy song where I miss some better production specially in the drums side, where Mr. Brug deserved better. It looks like an old Judas or Armored Saint track soundwise. Black World offers an intro where you kinda see your neck about to suffer a sever cut… until the songs blasts into a pure FREEWHEEL BURNING frenzy. A shotgun. Jeff´s voice looks to lead, victorious. Lisa´s magic fingers with the keyboard add a lot to the mix. At times you will be remembered of VIRGIN STEELE , band which in my humble opinion shares some traits with Ichabod Krane. Keep an eye on  Rick Craig. This monster has played with the likes of  MC5 or Humble Pie. You will enjoy speedy guitars Tipton & Downing style. Metal Messiah offers hints of  Judas too but this all changes with Pandora’s  Box (Interestingly it starts with a Pearl Jam tempo, TEN era..). Mr. Craig has been playing in bands for well over 40 years, and it shows. He delivers with gusto. This is a high moment of the record, due to Schlinz and Hurt too.

When The Stars Fall offers a scary intro. But it all blends into a book of metal craft. Quite Dokken at times.   Bring It Down offers  Dio style vocals, LAST IN LINE times I dare say, heavy, speedy, with a classical solo. And you can´t ask for more if the God of  HUNGRY FOR HEAVEN or HOLY DIVER remains in your metal hearts. Why So Sad would be “the” ballad. And for Dio´s sake I think these guys have never heard THE CULT´s  CIAO BABY (EDDIE). Because it reminds me  so much of that gem. It don´t really matter, since I am not a lawyer and it happens to be a fantastic song, a mid tempo hymn looking for greatness and finding it by the end with the amazing guitars bringing pure feeling to it all.

Whiskey Angel , such a great title for a metal song, offers a Jackyl or Dokken inspiration, and the initial solo could well be Lynch´s.  Neal´s bass playing holds the song together nice and easy, as it should be done by a metal legend like him. Bitter Romance wraps it all up with some  echos of glorious and deceased Crimson Glory´s Midnight. Not a ballad tho, but hard rock stuff all around, since by the end of the record all heavy metal is replaced elegantly by somewhat more charming sounds, keeping the best here now , guitars in their right timing and tones, lyrics with complex choruses, great keyboard fillings and most of all, three metal animals giving the best of themselves, Craig , Neal y Schlinz.

Just saw that ICHABOD KRANE cancelled their album party concert. It fills me with sadness, because I see a decent and honest metal band, with lots of craftmanship, mastered for live shows, and with a huge respect for their roots. And before this, I salute them and say, KUDOS, YOU GUYS. I could take my hat off, but Hell knows I do want to keep my head up here in sight of the Headless Horseman approaching looking for a new victim for ever.


Jeff Schlinz – Voice

Rick Craig – Guitar

George Neil – Bass

Rob Brug – Drums

Lisa Hurt – Keys


  1. Black World
  2. Metal Messiah
  3. Pandora´s Box
  4. Beyond Eternity
  5. When The Stars Fall
  6. Bring It Down
  7. Why So Sad
  8. Whiskey Angel
  9. Bitter Romance


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