«Part of the record reflects back on our earlier material featuring elaborate song structures and orchestral arrangements, prominent grunts and an overall heavier sound. In addition to that we of course introduced some entirely novel elements which I guess people just have to hear for themselves.»

We are meeting Delain, who are releasing their new album these days “The Human Contradiction”. Connecting from Spain to Holland. New technologies’s advantages, welcome.

Charlotte: Thank you! Happy to connect to Dioses Del Metal today 🙂

This new album was recorded by the same people from the last album “We Are The Others”, I guess Timo Somers and Otto Van Der Oije, who are into the band, which job is not just instrumental, it’s also vocal.

Charlotte: I am not sure if this is a question? But yes, we’ve kept a steady line-up during since our previ- ous release We Are The Others. Timo and Otto’s vocals are mainly performed live though, as we have asked in some guest musicians again to perform most vocal parts other then my own on this record.

I’d like you to tell me what does this album have, that hasn’t the last one? Personally, I think this one is harder, the guitar’s riffs are more powerful and Charlotte sings with her usual talent but with harder records, and her own sound. 

Charlotte: While I think that The Human Contradiction follows logically to We Are The Others in keeping some of the typical pop flow and catchiness, part of the record also reflects back on our earlier material featuring elaborate song structures and orchestral arrangements, prominent grunts and an overall heavier sound. In addition to that we of course introduced some entirely novel elements which I guess people just have to hear for themselves.

Another thing to say about this album is the sound, there’s a big production behind, that makes it sound very powerful. Mixed it by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd (In Flames, Soilwork, Amon Amarth) in the Fredman Studio’s and mastered by Ted Jensen (Madonna, Billy Joel, Muse, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot), fortunate guys.

Charlotte: Definitely! We’re very satisfied with the production!

Another positive thing is the collaboration with Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot) in two songs in this album. I think it’s not the first time he collaborates with Delain, he already did in your first two albums.

Charlotte: Marco has been such a prominent sound on our first records, that often when we imagine male vocals on a part, we end up automatically imagining his vocals there. Whenever we ask him to collaborate we’re certain to have an awesome outcome, and his guest vocals for The Human Contradiction are no exception.

But there are more surprises, Alissa White-Gluz also collaborates in the end of this album.

Charlotte: Yes, ‘The Tragedy Of The Commons’, the song on which Alissa White-Gluz performs, was actu- ally one of the last songs to be finalized, and Alissa’s vocals consequently were some of the ve- ry finishing touches on the record. We are very excited about the collaboration: we love her gre- at, versatile and powerful vocal style and after spending time on the road with Alissa on our tour with Kamelot last fall, we simply needed her awesomeness.

It looks like the band have the best things to record their new album, I think this one is your best album for now, congratulations. If I had to say something bad about the album would be that is too short for me. 

Charlotte: It’s not that much shorter than our latest; the tracks are slightly longer, but anyway you could just get the special edition as it has a bonus record with 9 extra tracks; that should fix the prob- lem 😉

Delain was born fourteen years ago by Martijn Westerholt, who was the keyboardist in Within Temptation, I don’t know if after all this years, you feel that the fans still looking for similarities between both formations.

Charlotte: People always look for similarities between different bands, but it’s not necesarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to Within Temptation. After all, with Martijn being their former keyboar- dist, there is no denying that their sound is somewhat in our DNA.

Within Temptation, Epic, After Forever… And of course, Delain, why is the symphonic metal so popular in Holland?

Charlotte: I don’t think that it is, honestly. Loads of bands come from Holland, that is for sure, and that is definitely something special. But when it comes to how popular symphonic metal actually is, most of us have to travel abroad to places where this music is more appreciated. We draw much larger crowds in the UK then we do in Holland, for example.

I think, you already have some dates to release “The Human Contradiction”, if I’m not wrong, you’ll share stage in an European tour with Within Temptation and after the summer, an American tour with Sonata Arctica and Xandria.

Charlotte: Correct! We have some massive touring ahead of us, including both tours and many festivals. Some more tours will be announced soon. Keep an eye on www.delain.nl/calendar

Since your debut with “Lucidity” in 2006 and so far, there are four studio albums released, but there are some released singles, videos and even a greatest hits album “Interlude” the last year, the band have been working very hard this years. 

Charlotte: We’ve definitely tried to keep the productivity high. There was quite a large gap between the re- lease of April Rain and We Are The Others however. As it took us a long time to get We Are The Others released, we really wanted to make sure our fans did not have to wait so long again for new material. At this point, we released three new records in the last three years (2012: We Are The Others, 2013: Interlude, 2014 The Human Contradiction) So I think we’ve succeeded in keeping the productivity high!

Is this the best album from Delain or your best album will be out soon?

Charlotte: What excitement could there be in exploring new musical ideas when you think you’ve already done your best? I love the new record but I think that it is important to keep raising the bar; there are many things we haven’t done yet, many things we could do better, loads of musical ideas to explore, so while I love our latest record, I like to think our best record is yet to come.

Finally, if you want to say something more right now, I’d like you to say some words for our readers, and we’d like you to come to Spain and play in some concerts, see you soon.

Charlotte: Thanks for your support and hopefully see you soon at one of our gigs!


Interview: Crom

Translated by  Irene Martinez

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